Get a quotation

Get a quotation

We know how schools work: there’s probably a dozen signatures you’ll need and a set of financial protocols to follow before you can order your Learniture® but we’ve tried to make it all as easy and straightforward as possible for you.

If you already know what you want, simply select and add those items to your basket just as you would on any e-commerce website (but don’t worry, you won’t need your credit card details to hand!).

But if you don’t yet know how many or what you need, download a free educational version of Sketchup (all our furniture is available as simple models on 3D Warehouse) and plan your learning space out, either digitally or with paper, pen and glue. In both instances there are videos showing you how on our YouTube channel. Then count up what you’ve got on your plan and add those items to your basket just as before.

This generates a wish-list … which will be automatically emailed to you even if you’re doing this at three in the morning. We’ll then add the prices and email it back – it’ll act as a quotation and your order all in one – simply get it signed off by whoever holds the purse strings, send it back to us and we’ll handle all the rest.

What do you want?


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  • BioCase

  • Bloq

  • Grow Up

  • Hive

  • LearningBoard

  • LearningWall

  • LF01 Heppell Bench

  • Whiteboard tables

    LF02 Smile Table

  • Acclivity

    LF03 Acclivity

  • Turn and Learn

    LF04 Turn & Learn

  • LF05 Retreat

  • LF06 Dash

  • Little Retreat

  • Little Step

  • MakerSurface

  • PlantWall

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Ashley Hill
Space Oasis
Autism Wessex
Redmaids Highschool
ABE International
Hertswood Academy
Berrywood School
SEK International School
Edinburgh Academy
Middlesbrough College
Universidad Camilo
Gagle Brook
ACS International School
NHS Essex
Fingringhoe School
Sacks Morasha