Learniture® is an educational furniture collection specifically designed to help you create learning environments that support all the activities that go on in them.

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In the zone

Different spaces for different learning activities

Focus on fidgeting

Is movement good or bad for learning? Does ergonomics effect cognition? Or should we just ‘sit still and concentrate’?

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Chair Ergonomics

Knowledge hub

For us to create great Next Generation Learning Spaces we need to discover, author and share information and data. We’re aiming to create one of the best resource banks here.


Learniture is a Spaceoasis brand. Find out more about them here.

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We’ve been invited to the British Standards Institute (BSI) on Tuesday: it feels a little like being invited to meet the Queen at Buckingham Palace! Their Education Furniture committee (which is responsible for the UK’s input into European standards for all types of educational furniture, as well as the preparation, revision and amendment of British […]

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A corner, a corridor, a disused space:  why you don’t need to sacrifice a whole classroom to create an agile learning space

If you find the standard classroom layout more of a hindrance than a help when it comes to creative learning you’re not alone,  I have long pondered the effectiveness of the ‘normal’ classroom.  I know for a fact that offering movement and choice to students in their learning environment, and giving them a sense of […]

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Teachers are really starting to question the relevance of row upon row of static tables all facing in one direction – some have even likened it to a graveyard. No longer considering them to be appropriate for everything that goes on in a classroom, they’re seeking out furniture solutions that enable them to create learning spaces that have variety: different zones each specifically designed and detailed and with the right furniture, so they truly support what students are doing in them.

The issue, historically however, has been that the furniture that is available has been either too expensive or not designed to be used in educational environments. But no longer. Because, on top of it being designed to help you create an innovative learning environment, Learniture® is designed to be as economical as it can be too. So if you want to shake up the design of your classroom and you want the furniture to enable you to do that, read on...