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    The Smile table is the ultimate in agile, individual classroom tables and a key ingredient for flexible learning spaces. You can choose where to sit around a Smile table, move it easily, arrange it in rows, clusters, horseshoes - any way you like – and stack it to one side if you need a clear space.

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There’s no need to choose sides with a table that doesn’t have any.

There aren’t any ‘sides’ on a Smile table and with no sides, there’s no imposed geometry. It doesn’t dictate where you need to sit or how one table relates to another, which means you can arrange it in clusters large or small, rows (if you must) or even a horseshoe.


The Smile table is collaborative furniture that empowers students and teachers, giving them the opportunity to exercise choice and control over their environment, enabling them to adapt it to suit their needs. Smile doesn’t dictate or tell you how it should be used, it enables you to choose, and then change your mind and choose again as you learn what works best for you.

By moving away from rigid desk hierarchies and giving students choice in how and where they sit, you can break down cliques and encourage greater social interaction. Giving students a degree of autonomy over their environment also creates the sense that learning is a collaborative process in which they have choice and agency, rather than something that is being ‘done to them’. Rather than being told what to do and where to sit, students are empowered to choose and take responsibility for that choice.

Using individual Smile tables, rather than desks in static rows or clusters, makes it easier to deliver a variety of learning types and styles, to change your environment to suit the lesson. Configure the Smile table however you like; individuals, small groups, large groups, horseshoes or rows, it’s up to you. And if you need a clear space you can stack them to one side. Smile tables are light enough for students to move around themselves while being robust enough to withstand school life.

Smile tables come with writable LearningSurface® as standard, which is a tough, ultra-cleanable writable surface designed for learning environments. You can also specify MFC tops if you prefer.

Made in the UK from high quality materials, the Smile table is a key component of agile, flexible learning environments.

Benefits of Smile Table

Smile tables are stackable up to around 5 or 6 high, and when arranged next to each other in a line, end up around 600mm apart – the same as size as a traditional table meaning it doesn’t take up any more space.


Smile tables work happily alone, in small groups, large groups, horseshoes or rows. It’s up to you how you lay them out and they are light enough for your students to arrange them.


high quality LearningSurface® makes the Smile table’s writable surface a space where fast, collaborative and fun learning can take place. Just make sure you’ve got enough dry wipe pens (that work) and cleaning cloths.


The ultimate agile table is one you can get out of the way when you need a clear space and you can stack Smile tables up to six high.

Technical information


Light grey LearningSurface®

Lacquered ply

RAL9006 Silver Grey


Big table
744Ø x 720H

Little table
744Ø x 590H


MFC worksurface instead of LearningSurface®

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Smile Table

Smile Table Arrangement

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