• Hive

    Hive is a joyful, playful honeycomb where busy learner bees can find a quiet spot to read, concentrate on their work or simply hang out with a friend. Multiple Hive pods create a honeycomb of ‘reflection zones’: quieter spaces where children can absorb and consolidate their learning

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Create a happy Hive of learning activity

Hive creates the perfect spot to get lost in a book, to concentrate on your work or to hang out with a friend and work on a project together.  The pods provide an acoustic shield for when learners need a quieter space.

Simple, effective and fun, Hive creates a honeycomb of little learning spaces that everyone loves and values.  Hive’s cosy learning pods are the perfect zone for focused independent work or peer-to-peer collaboration, while creating an acoustic shield that allows young learners to escape the hubbub and focus.  Reflection consolidates learning: having somewhere you can go to absorb what you’ve learnt embeds it in your memory and Hive is a great way of creating a reflection zone. 


Learners can even build Hive themselves using nothing more complicated than glue, clamps and some very big rubber bands.  As well as the construction project presenting exciting learning opportunities, if your learners have helped build HIVE, they will treasure it and look after it: ownership matters because people are more invested in environments they create themselves (known as ‘the Ikea effect’!). 


Available exclusively from Learniture in the UK, Hive is made of double-walled corrugated cardboard that is both recycled and recyclable, making Hive fully sustainable. As well as its green credentials, Hive is strong enough to hold up to 200kg (31.5 stone), and durable, with an expected lifespan of five to ten years.   Stack the pods 2.5 high to create a honeycomb wall. Add removable felt fabric inserts for comfort.

Benefits of Hive


Instantly creates a separate space, acoustically insulated, where learners can focus on a task away from distractions either independently or with a peer. Zoning has proven learning benefits as it helps to anchor learning in the memory.


Brings playfulness, fun and joy into the learning space and makes children feel valued.


All learners can benefit from access to Hive, including those with additional needs. It’s particularly helpful for children with social or emotional difficulties to have a space where they can decompress and take a moment to process.

Available in three sizes:

Small: 1000mm tall x 1150mm wide x 650mm deep (suitable for children aged under 6) 

Medium: 1130 high x 1300mm x 700mm deep (suitable for 6-12 year olds) 

Large: 1420mm high x 1630mm wide x 700mm deep (suitable for 12 year olds to adults)


Made of double-walled corrugated cardboard, Hive is both recycled and recyclable making it fully sustainable. 

Maximum load:

 Strong enough to hold up to 200kg (31.5 stone)


Five to ten years.

Units can be stacked up to 2.5 high to form a honeycomb wall with removable felt fabric inserts for comfort.

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