• Heppell Bench

    Every horizontal surface is a dry-wipe writable work surface. Every horizontal surface is also a seat (sitting on the ‘tables’ is positively, joyously encouraged). Create tiered seating or use the benches as sitting and / or standing height collaborative worksurfaces. It’s one small but significant (dry-wipe) step towards a next-generation learning space.

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Create a range of learning opportunities at a single, simple stroke.

Working on the principle that seats and worksurfaces are both horizontal, we thought why not use worksurfaces as seats and seats as worksurfaces? That way you get multiple possibilities and ways of learning all from one piece of furniture.

heppell bench

Learners like to work in a variety of body positions: sitting, standing, lying down or kneeling. Children have an innate need to move around and they learn better when they are freed from the constraints of a desk and chair. For teachers, having an environment that enables different learning styles, where students can collaborate and gather easily, presents exciting new opportunities. The Heppell Bench does all of this at a single, simple stroke.

The Heppell Bench set consists of four benches; two low, one mid and one tall, that nest together. It’s up to you (and your students) how you deploy them but they can be used:

  • together as tiered seating, which is ideal when you want to gather the class together for instruction or discussion,
  • as a large table for collaborative tasks with the sitting height benches on either side,
  • as a standing height table for exploratory work.

On the Heppell Bench every horizontal surface is a dry-wipe LearningSurface® writable work surface and every horizontal surface is a seat. We recommend a ‘shoes off ‘ policy in areas where Heppell Benches are used; it’s more comfortable and relaxed for students and it keeps the LearningSurface® writable surfaces clean and in good condition.

The opportunities for teachers and learners

With just this one product you can introduce agility, a choice of how and where to work, tiered seating, writable surfaces and you can create a zone for gathering, collaborating or exploring depending on how you configure your benches. You could even try removing some of your desks, replacing them with a Heppell Bench to free up space and to enable greater agility. However you use it the Heppell Bench is a great first step towards creating a next-generation learning environment.

Benefits of Heppell Bench

Heppell Bench 3 step


Everyone likes sitting (and writing) on tables or worksurfaces because it’s a bit different. Everyone loves tiered seating because it energises learning and everyone can see. With the Heppell Bench you get all of this in one product.


It could be one, important step (or, more accurately, four important steps) that starts the move towards an agile, next generation learning space which provides diversity and a choice of learning styles to meet the varying needs of your students.


Writable surfaces are hugely popular with students and teachers because they are fast, fun, there’s nowhere to hide and everyone has to participate. You don’t just get to sit on the tables, you can write on them too!

Technical information


External faces
Light grey LearningSurface®

Internal faces
Charcoal grey laminate

Ply effect ABS

Learniture® green laminate (pantone 382C)


High Bench
1950L x 450D x 1010H

Mid Bench
1800L x 900D x 710H

Low Bench
1650L x 300D x 420H


  • Two low benches
  • One mid bench
  • One high bench
  • Heppell Bench set (2 low, 1 mid, 1 high)
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