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    With a waterfall front edge that takes the pressure off the thighs and a dynamic frame that gives learners some wiggle room, the Acclivity allows blood to flow freely to vital internal organs and the brain. It’s about more than comfort, it’s ergonomically beneficial seating designed for learners.

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Keep the learning flowing with a seat ergonomically designed for students.

Acclivity is slightly higher than a typical school chair. This means your thighs drop from the horizontal too – so blood flow around your vital internal organs isn’t restricted either.

Oxygen is food for the brain, so the Acclivity is designed to take the pressure off the back of the thighs so oxygen-carrying blood flow isn’t restricted. The shallow front ‘waterfall’ edge also opens up the angle between legs and torso, freeing blood flow to vital internal organs.

The Acclivity student chair is ergonomically designed to provide learning benefits to students from good posture, increased blood flow and enhanced comfort.

The shallow front ‘waterfall’ edge relieves pressure on the backs of the thighs. The seat is a bit higher than a bog-standard school chair, which allows the legs to drop slightly lower than in a standard seat, widening the angle between torso and legs, freeing up the blood vessels and increasing the blood flow to vital internal organs.

The dynamic, reverse-cantilever frame has a degree of flex in it, so you can fidget uninhibited, lean back and put your legs out in front of you or lean forward with your feet tucked underneath, all while retaining the ergonomic benefits. Fidgeting has a bad reputation but it’s natural for people, and especially children, to want to move – and it’s a good thing. Movement increases blood flow, which increases the oxygen being supplied to the brain, which improves cognitive performance, so a seat that allows a degree of movement without being disruptive is an excellent idea as it can help improve concentration.

Designed by the highly respected industrial designer, Anthony Hill, the Acclivity chair is exclusive to Learniture. Made in the UK from high quality components.

Benefits of Acclivity

Ergonomic benefits

Increased blood flow to the brain and vital internal organs which can help enhance cognitive performance, while the dynamic frame provides some wiggle room and enables students to choose the most comfortable way to sit.

Allows non-disruptive fidgeting

The Acclivity’s dynamic frame has a degree of flex in it which provides a little bit of bounce, so students can fidget in their chairs without causing disruption. This movement can also help to increase blood flow which can help improve concentration.

British designed and made

Designed by the highly respected industrial designer Anthony Hill, the seats are moulded in Cambridgeshire, the steelwork is fabricated in High Wycombe, chair capital of Buckinghamshire, and assembled by the customer to keep costs down.

Technical information


Charcoal grey

RAL9006 Silver Grey


495W x 465D x 840H



Red or blue subject to minimum order

Acclivity is great to use with:

Kelvinside Academy
Ashley Hill
Space Oasis
Autism Wessex
Redmaids Highschool
ABE International
Hertswood Academy
Berrywood School
SEK International School
Edinburgh Academy
Middlesbrough College
Universidad Camilo
Gagle Brook
ACS International School
NHS Essex
Fingringhoe School
Sacks Morasha