Reflect Illustration

But it’s not all about working together, sometimes you need just to get your head down.

It might be about getting some quiet space and thinking something through for yourself, or as straightforward as you just got out of bed the wrong side that morning! Or that you’re vulnerable, or stressed in some other way, or that the task, such as a listening task in MFL for example, needs somewhere away from the hubbub of the rest of the lesson.
What you need is somewhere you’re not disturbed. Somewhere you can hear yourself think. Somewhere where the visual distractions are minimised and you start to feel a sense of calm. A sense of enclosure and safety without becoming claustrophobic. Somewhere to reflect.
But they’re spaces too where teachers need still to see what’s going on, but in a passive, rather than overt way. They’re not spaces to put your head down and nod off … merely to pause a while. And think.

We think the following items are great in reflective spaces:





Little Retreat

three-times Whiteboard Table

Three Times Table

Zig Zag

Zig Zag

Bio Case



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