• ZigZag

    Anywhere can be a learning space with a ZigZag. Whether you’re learning inside or outdoors, ZigZag provides a comfortable worksurface for writing or working on a laptop or tablet. Find out more

Interested in ZigZag?


A nifty bit of kit that helps learning happen anywhere.

Grab a ZigZag and you’ve got a worksurface wherever you need one; inside or outdoors, sitting on a chair, perched on a Bloq, on steps, on the floor or sitting outside on the grass.

If you need every square foot of your school to work as a learning space, ZigZag can help.  In Covid-aware schools, physical distancing means that learning needs to happen everywhere, not just in classrooms.  But what if you need to be able to write, draw or take notes and you don’t have a table?  What if you’re in the hall, the drama studio or on the playing fields? This is where ZigZag works brilliantly, by giving you a portable worksurface you can take anywhere.  They are also great fun to use!    

Made of hardwearing polypropylene, ZigZag is easy to sanitise (we recommend Milton sterilising fluid which is effective on viruses in 20 minutes) light enough to carry around, tough enough to be used outside and stackable when you want to store them.   

Outdoor learning is great for light and air quality, but tricky if you’re engaged in a task where you need to take notes, write or draw but don’t have a level surface to lean on.  ZigZag solves that problem.  Equally if you’re teaching a group in a space with no tables, ZigZag provides a worksurface wherever you are. 

Benefits of ZigZag


light and portable, ZigZags can turn anywhere into a learning space.

Helps enable physical distancing

because you can use them anywhere, ZigZags increase the usable footprint of the school.  Anywhere can be a learning space with a ZigZag which makes it easier to increase the physical distance between learners.

Cleanable, stackable and durable

easy to clean, easy to store and tough enough to withstand school life. 


Grey polpropylene


360mm W x 612mm L (worksurface 256mm L) x 241mm H


Trolley for up to 40 ZigZags

Kelvinside Academy
Ashley Hill
Space Oasis
Autism Wessex
Redmaids Highschool
ABE International
Hertswood Academy
Berrywood School
SEK International School
Edinburgh Academy
Middlesbrough College
Universidad Camilo
Gagle Brook
ACS International School
NHS Essex
Fingringhoe School
Sacks Morasha