• Three Times Table

    The super useful classroom table with a LearningSurface® writable worksurface that works as an individual table, for pairs and for small groups.

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Interested in Three Times Table?


Three is the magic table number: sit alone, in pairs for one-on-one support or in small groups to work collaboratively.

The 3 Times Table is circular, so the number of people that can sit around it is flexible.  It’s great for one person working independently, works brilliantly for one-on-one support and if you shuffle up you can use it for small groups.  Specify LearningSurface® writable surface and this is one brilliantly useful table.

The 3 Times Table is deceptively simple.  You might look at it and think it’s just another table, but get it into a classroom and its power becomes clear.  

Its circular shape means you can sit anywhere around the table’s edge, so you can face any direction.  If your classroom has three points of focus, as recommended by Professor Stephen Heppell to enable a variety of working styles, you need a table that supports this, and a standard rectangular table actively hinders this dynamic.  

It’s super useful because it’s essentially a pedestal, so you can easily work in pairs or small groups at the 3 Times Table because you can shuffle up to make room without bumping into a table leg.  So if you’re a teacher who wants to pull up a chair to support a student, it’s easy to do. Or if you want them working alone, that’s easy too.  

The LearningSurface® writable surface means you get all the fast, fun learning opportunities of writable surfaces to support individual or group work. 

The tripod structure means it’s robust and doesn’t wobble.  Works really well with Bloqs.

Benefits of Three Times Table

Sit anywhere

There’s no back, front or side – you can sit anywhere and face in whichever direction you need so it’s ideal if you’re a ‘three points of focus’ practitioner.

Works for individuals, pairs or small groups

Perfect as an individual student table the 3 Times Table also works for pairs or small groups so it’s ideal if you want to enable a variety of working styles.

Writable surface

Who doesn’t like writable surfaces? They are great fun and encourage students to have a go and get stuck in. They can just rub it out if it’s rubbish and have another go leaving no trace of their earlier attempt.

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