Little Learniture

In some cases Little Learniture is simply a smaller version of the original: Little Turn&Learn is a lower version of our standard Turn&Learn. The same for Little Smile. But whilst it sometimes is, just making it a little smaller isn’t always the right answer. So we’ve been busy looking at the other key items in our collection to make sure they’re spot on for little learners.
That’s why Little Retreat, for example, doesn’t really bear any resemblance to our original Retreat: we felt that little learners needed something much more nurturing and more playful, so it’s just that. Like a nesting box, it’s somewhere to go and curl up if everything else just seems too much. It’s a sanctuary. It’s somewhere safe.
Little Step, on the other hand simply recognises that you frequently don’t have much space in classrooms so it’s been designed mainly to be used against the wall with trays for books and shoe boxes for outdoor shoes all neatly folding out into a tiered seat. We’re even thinking about a corner module so you can wrap it into an L.
You’ll be able to see Little Learniture up on our website in the next few weeks, but in the meantime, if you have a project, or have seen an image anywhere of something that’s not yet listed, contact us and we’ll help.

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