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    Ultra-durable dry wipe board mounted at just the right height for maximum usable surface area

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Because writing on the wall has enormous learning benefits

Teachers tell us that writable walls enable students to collaborate, to critique each other’s work, annotate answers and support one another – becoming a learning team.  Because what they write is public, students raise their game, producing better quality work and critical evaluation becomes a strength, not something to be scared of.

There is a reason this is called ‘LearningBoard’, rather than ‘TeachingBoard’.  It’s because writable surfaces are a fantastically effective tool for learning and if you’re moving away from ‘chalk and talk’ these are a brilliant addition to your classroom.

Schools that use LearningBoards tell us that they are immensely effective tools for student collaboration.  Because their work is out there for everyone to see, students naturally critique each other’s work, annotate answers and support one another to do better – and teachers can easily see who’s struggling and needs support.  Peer to peer learning happens quite naturally when working collaboratively with writable surfaces and students raise each other’s game, rather than just scribbling notes privately in their book. A quick digital photo (taken by the teacher if phones aren’t allowed out) and all that brain power is preserved for later reflection. Writing on LearningBoards means students’ work is always public, which teachers tell us leads to them producing work of better quality, because it’s on show.  They write more carefully, with greater precision and better spelling.

Students who use LearningBoards (and other furniture with writable surfaces) tell us that writable surfaces:

  • mean their work is always public so they try harder
  • enhance collaboration – they find themselves becoming a learning team, not competitors
  • help them develop their critical evaluation skills – analysis becomes a strength not a ‘scare’.

Learning Board is a large, durable LearningSurface® fixed whiteboard.  Mounted at the right height, it provides maximum usable surface area and it’s made from a dry-wipe surface that is tested to British and European standards, is ultra-cleanable and won’t go smudgy after half a term (provided you follow instructions and clean it properly with the cleaner provided!).

Ideally you’d install multiple LearningBoards around the classroom, for teacher and student use and to vary the points of focus.  Yes, that probably means less room for displaying work but the value that LearningBoards can bring far outweighs the loss of wall space.

Benefits of LearningBoard

Maximum usable surface area

Some boards are mounted too high, so you can’t reach the top third.  Learning Board is the right size and set at the right height for maximum usable surface area.

Ultra-cleanable, super durable

LearningSurface® meets a range of stringent quality standards set by The British Standards Institute and the European Committee for Standardisation for durability and cleanability.  If you want value for money then don’t waste it buying cheap whiteboards that will need replacing after a year.

Use for projection

You could use Learning Board(s) in addition to an IWB or ditch the IWB altogether and project onto a Learning Board using an ultra-short throw projector.  That way you get the best of both worlds.

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