• LearningWall

    Double-sided mobile dry-wipe wall with integrated storage and multiple uses.

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In a truly agile classroom even the walls move…

Imagine a large two-sided whiteboard that you can move to wherever you need it that also contains sixteen trays and four shelves…  You can stop imagining now. It’s here!

LearningWall is a brilliant tool for teachers and learners alike and its applications are endless.  Use it sitting (a Bloq would work really well here) or standing in front of a group of pupils and write on it with a dry-wipe pen, use it as a projector screen, as a display board or as a room divider.  Students use it for individual or group work and staff can take advantage of the capacious integrated storage. 

Because you can move it around you can use LearningWall to create places within spaces.  For example, if you need a one to one with a pupil you can use LearningWall to create a quiet corner away from the noise and energy of the main learning space and deliver the appropriate support.  It works in the same way for intervention groups – they can gather round, one group on each side as you switch between the two. The lockable casters mean you can secure it in position and it’s very stable, so you can’t push it over.   

The high quality LearningSurface® writable surface is durable, ultra-cleanable and meets stringent quality standards set by the British Standards Institute and the European Committee for Standardisation.

Benefits of Three Times Table


Move the wall to where you need it for instruction or group work, create places within spaces and use as a room divider – you can do a lot more with a wall that moves!


There’s no such thing as too much storage. Sixteen trays (which are on a stop and tilt runner so you can’t just pull them out) and four shelves would be a welcome addition to any classroom.

Double sided

Twice the whiteboard space means two individuals or groups can use it at the same time.

Kelvinside Academy
Ashley Hill
Space Oasis
Autism Wessex
Redmaids Highschool
ABE International
Hertswood Academy
Berrywood School
SEK International School
Edinburgh Academy
Middlesbrough College
Universidad Camilo
Gagle Brook
ACS International School
NHS Essex
Fingringhoe School
Sacks Morasha