• Squared and Two Squared

    Sometimes you just want a square table, or a standard rectangular one, so that’s exactly what we made. With LearningSurface® writable surface as an option (because these are still Learniture® tables even if they are four-sided ones…).

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Interested in Squared and Two Squared?


When learning calls for rows (which can sometimes happen), try Squared and Two Squared

If you’re not ready for circular tables and need something with corners, you could try Squared, the individual agile table.  Or, if you just want a standard rectangle, go for Two Squared. It’s all about what works for you.

We recognise that in some circumstances circular tables and moveable feasts aren’t what you need.  Squared and Two Squared are our standard individual and two-person classroom tables for when you want a more traditional layout.  

Sometimes you don’t want endless options, you just want a square table that does what is says on the tin (or cardboard box, in this case). Squared is an individual table with writable LearningSurface®, it’s agile in that you can move it around fairly easily and configure it into groups.  

If you want to stick with the status quo in terms of layout, Two Squared is our standard 1200mm x 600mm classroom table, with a ply edge that makes it more attractive and more robust than most.  Specify writable LearningSurface® if you want to up the learning ante without changing things too much.

Benefits of Squared and Two Squared


Made from high quality LearningSurface® or MFC with a ply edge, Squared and Two Squared are hard-wearing, attractive tables that will withstand the rigours of school life.

Writable surface

You can specify LearningSurface® writable surface so even with a traditional layout you can introduce more progressive elements into your learning environment.

Agile (Squared only)

Squared enables you to use a traditional rows layout when required but also enables agility and flexibility when needed.

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